Mrs P – Non-Resident

Description : she was 46 and a UK national working in Manchester Challenge : she was married but wished to buy a flat in Cascais of 265.000€ on her own. She needed a 80℅ Loan to Value. She was also going to […]

Mr and Mrs H. – Non-Residents

Description : Mr and Mrs H. were 64 and 59, retired, and were living in the UK with three properties rented out. Challenge : they found a villa of 500.000 € in the Eastern Algarve and needed around 250.000 € in mortgage. […]

Mr and Mrs Q – Expatriates

Description : Mr and Mrs Q. were 46 and 45, Italian and New Zealander. They are expatriates both working in the same multinational. Three years ago, they bought a building in central Lisbon. After extensive renovations, they have been very successful […]

Mr and Mrs C – International Buyers

Description: Mr and Mrs C. were 42 and 30, both non-EU citizens living in a Middle East Country. Challenge: they needed a 150.000 € mortgage for a property near Obidos. They paid no income tax and both were partners in […]

Mrs F and Mrs S – Non-Residents

Description: Mrs F and Mrs S are 43 and 47, friends and both are working in different companies back in Scotland. Challenge: they needed 255.000€ to buy a 400.000€ property near Comporta. They also wanted both their partners to be […]

Mr and Mrs D Non-Residents

Description: Mr and Mrs D were 39 and 38, originally from Holland, working and living in London with three kids. Challenge: they intended to buy a Villa off plan in Central Algarve. They need 465.000 € in more or less […]

Mr D and Mrs FC – International Buyers

Description: Mr D and Mrs FC are 48 and 49, both South African and working in Madrid. Challenge: they needed 375.000 € to buy a property in Cascais of 525.000 € plus 100.000 € for the renovation. Our solution: a […]