Mortgage Solutions in Portugal

If you are an international buyer looking to purchase a property in Portugal, the Azores or Madeira, we can help you. We are in a position to assist you regardless of your country of residence and we have a range of clients from Europe and the rest of the world including the United States. With such a range of mortgage products available, we can help you to choose the best Mortgage Solutions in Portugal to suit your individual circumstances whether that be a repayment, variable rate, fixed rate or hybrid mortgage. We can also assist you in finding finance for more challenging situations such as new build properties or high loan to value products.


If you already have a mortgage secured on a property in Portugal, we can advise on the possibility of remortgaging in order to obtain more favourable terms. Portuguese mortgage rates are at an all time low so now is a good time to renegotiate your current mortgage terms and start saving money. You may wish to consider a remortgage for a variety of reasons for example to find a new fixed rate deal if your current fixed rate has expired or to reduce your monthly repayments.


If you already own a property in Portugal subject to a mortgage and the property has increased in value so that there is a large amount of equity available, it is possible to arrange a remortgage for a greater sum than the original loan to release some cash from the property. For example, if you own a property worth €500,000 subject to a €100,000 loan, it could be possible to arrange a new mortgage for €200,000 which would give you €100,000 cash out. Obviously, the extra loan amount would still need to be repaid on whatever terms have been negotiated for the new mortgage. It may also be possible to raise finance on a property that you own outright but in Portugal this can be more difficult.

Lombard loans for Private Banking Clients

Asset-backed loans using collateral such as stocks, bonds or other investments could help you to borrow more money which could be an advantage if the property does not act as a full guarantee of the mortgage advance. Lombard loans are very flexible, they have different maturities, the overall costs are low, and if the risks are well understood, they can act as a useful source of bridging finance.

Whatever stage your property search is at, if you will require financial assistance to proceed with your future purchase, get in touch with us and let us help you to finance your project and enhance your life.