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Description : she was 46 and a UK national working in Manchester
Challenge : she was married but wished to buy a flat in Cascais of 265.000€ on her own. She needed a 80℅ Loan to Value. She was also going to receive an inheritance.
Our solution : stretching the term for 29 years to improve her affordability ratio and find a mortgage with an interest fixed at 1℅ for the first four years to give some stability. After the fixed period, with finally cash at hand, Mrs P decided to pay off part of the loan with a reduced redemption penalty.

Mrs P – Non-Resident

Description : Mr and Mrs H. were 64 and 59, retired, and were living in the UK with three properties rented out.
Challenge : they found a villa of 500.000 € in the Eastern Algarve and needed around 250.000 € in mortgage. Their income consisted mainly of pensions, dividends and rents. They also wanted the monthly payment to be fixed to give them as much security as possible.
Our solution : we found a bank that would accept most of their income and propose a 250.000 € mortgage with a fixed rate for 15 years.

Mr and Mrs H. – Non-Residents

Description : Mr and Mrs Q. were 46 and 45, Italian and New Zealander. They are expatriates both working in the same multinational. Three years ago, they bought a building in central Lisbon. After extensive renovations, they have been very successful in renting the four flats on Airbnb.
Challenge : they wanted to buy a new flat in an up and coming area of Lisbon. They estimated that they would need 350.000€. Having been gazumped before they wished to move faster and by-pass the cumbersome process of having their finance checked and then having a property valuation.
Our solution : firstly, transferring the existing mortgage to a new bank because of its more favourable conditions (rates and insurance) and because the lender paid the transfer penalty. It meant that their financial situation improved. Then, secondly, due to its increased value, the new bank accepted the building as a collateral for a new loan of 350.000€.

Mr and Mrs Q – Expatriates

Description: Mr and Mrs C. were 42 and 30, both non-EU citizens living in a Middle East Country.

Challenge: they needed a 150.000 € mortgage for a property near Obidos. They paid no income tax and both were partners in their own company.

Our solution: we found a bank that would accept their documentation and their non-EU status. After the valuation, the loan of 150.000 was agreed for 15 years with a variable rate.

Mr and Mrs C – International Buyers

Description: Mrs F and Mrs S are 43 and 47, friends and both are working in different companies back in Scotland.

Challenge: they needed 255.000€ to buy a 400.000€ property near Comporta. They also wanted both their partners to be included in the deed. The marital situation of each couple needed to be thoroughly assessed. It also implied double the documentation.

Our solution: a 20-year mortgage with a 15 year fixed rate period.

Mrs F and Mrs S – Non-Residents

Description: Mr and Mrs D were 39 and 38, originally from Holland, working and living in London with three kids.

Challenge: they intended to buy a Villa off plan in Central Algarve. They need 465.000 € in more or less one year time for a total price of 750.000€.

Our solution: a bank that would pre-approve their personal financial situation and keep the process alive until completion for at least one year. Then once the property was completed, the bank offered a loan of 450.000€ for a 25 year period.

Mr and Mrs D Non-Residents

Description: Mr D and Mrs FC are 48 and 49, both South African and working in Madrid.

Challenge: they needed 375.000 € to buy a property in Cascais of 525.000 € plus 100.000 € for the renovation.

Our solution: a mortgage of 375.000 € on the property plus a Lombard loan of 100.000 € on their pension pot.

Mr D and Mrs FC – International Buyers

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