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Here at FINenhancing we understand and appreciate that all house buyers have different needs and there is no ‘one size fits all’ financial solution for all clients. When an international element is added to the mix, things can get even more complicated. We regularly check the Portuguese market for new mortgage options which puts us in the best position to fully advise our clients on a range of mortgage alternatives and help you choose the best option for your individual circumstances.

We can help you at any stage during the mortgage process and can even help determine the likely success of your mortgage application including the amount that would be likely approved so you can proceed with a working budget when looking for your latest investment property, your holiday place in the sun or your new dream home.

When the time comes to submit your application to the lender, we can assist you in not only getting all the mandatory documentation together but also ensure that any additional supporting information or evidence is produced that could support and reinforce your application. We can prepare an analysis of your application to enable us to present you and your circumstances to the lender in the best possible light to encourage the lender to approve the application and provide the required finance.

We maintain good contacts within the Portuguese banking sector and this, together with our experience, puts us at an advantage in negotiating terms of any finance arrangement as we know that any terms and conditions attached to mortgage products are rarely set in stone and can usually be negotiated more favourably for you.

Once an application has been submitted to a lender, we will keep in regular contact with the lender and also keep you informed of the progress of your application until such time as a formal offer is made at which point we can offer advice as to whether the offer made is a good match for your circumstances.

Whatever stage your property search is at, if you will require financial assistance to proceed with your future purchase, get in touch with us and let us help you to finance your project and enhance your life.

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