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Mortgage and Remortgage

With such a range of mortgage products available, we can help you to choose the best product to suit your individual circumstances whether that be a repayment, variable rate, fixed rate or hybrid mortgage.


If you already own a property in Portugal subject to a mortgage and the property has increased in value so that there is a large amount of equity available, it is possible to arrange a remortgage for a greater sum than the original loan to release some cash from the property.

Private Banking

Lombard loans for Private Banking Clients: Asset-backed loans using collateral such as stocks, bonds or other investments could help you to borrow more money which could be an advantage if the property does not act as a full guarantee of the mortgage advance. 
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Our Solutions for Our Clients

Description: Mr and Mrs C. were 42 and 30, both non-EU citizens living in a Middle East Country.

Challenge: they needed a 150.000 € mortgage for a property near Obidos. They paid no income tax and both were partners in their own company.

Our solution: we found a bank that would accept their documentation and their non-EU status. After the valuation, the loan of 150.000 was agreed for 15 years with a variable rate.

Mr and Mrs C – International Buyers

Description: Mrs F and Mrs S are 43 and 47, friends and both are working in different companies back in Scotland.

Challenge: they needed 255.000€ to buy a 400.000€ property near Comporta. They also wanted both their partners to be included in the deed. The marital situation of each couple needed to be thoroughly assessed. It also implied double the documentation.

Our solution: a 20-year mortgage with a 15 year fixed rate period.

Mrs F and Mrs S – Non-Residents

Description: Mr and Mrs D were 39 and 38, originally from Holland, working and living in London with three kids.

Challenge: they intended to buy a Villa off plan in Central Algarve. They need 465.000 € in more or less one year time for a total price of 750.000€.

Our solution: a bank that would pre-approve their personal financial situation and keep the process alive until completion for at least one year. Then once the property was completed, the bank offered a loan of 450.000€ for a 25 year period.

Mr and Mrs D Non-Residents

Description: Mr D and Mrs FC are 48 and 49, both South African and working in Madrid.

Challenge: they needed 375.000 € to buy a property in Cascais of 525.000 € plus 100.000 € for the renovation.

Our solution: a mortgage of 375.000 € on the property plus a Lombard loan of 100.000 € on their pension pot.

Mr D and Mrs FC – International Buyers

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About Us


At FINenhancing we are able to advise both professional investors and private individuals and their families to obtain mortgages in Portugal.

Our Portuguese mortgage specialists firmly believe in our motto ‘Financing Projects Enhancing Lives’ and we will always endeavour to find the best financial solutions for you whether you are an experienced investor adding to your portfolio or somebody searching for your dream home in Portugal.

What We Do

Here at FINenhancing we understand and appreciate that all house buyers have different needs and there is no ‘one size fits all’ financial solution for all clients. When an international element is added to the mix, things can get even more complicated. We regularly check the Portuguese market for new mortgage options which puts us in the best position to fully advise our clients on a range of mortgage alternatives and help you choose the best option for your individual circumstances.




The costs and fees associated with setting up a Portuguese mortgage and associated ongoing costs are not insignificant, and they vary from bank to bank. Also, very often lenders combine the mortgage fees and expenses with other in-house services and […]

Market Insights

The market for international buyers in Portugal is incredibly buoyant at the moment, and this is primarily due to the increase in property prices in many other countries making Portugal an attractive place for international buyers to invest. Taking out […]


Fixed, Variable, Hybrid Mortgages: your options in Portugal When you start looking for a mortgage in Portugal, you will soon realise that the banks offer three types of mortgages: fixed, hybrid and tracker. All mortgages fundamentally work in the same […]


When you purchase a property in Portugal, you will be required to take out mandatory buildings insurance and life insurance mainly for the lender’s protection. For you own peace of mind, it is advisable to consider contents insurance to protect […]


At the beginning of 2018 new guidelines were introduced by the Banco de Portugal giving the banks a standard set of conditions to be applied to mortgage applications for both domestic and international mortgage applicants. At the time of writing, […]


Before you even start to look at buying a property in Portugal, it makes sense to undertake a thorough financial check up of your own financial situation. You will need to know where you currently stand and where you would […]

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Portugal Latest News

14.2 base point drop in January 2019

The implicit interest rate in housing loans dropped from 1.424% in December 2018 to 1.282% in January 2019 for new contracts, that is, contracts signed in the last three months.   21st of February 2019   https://www.ine.pt/  

Non-Residents overnight stays up 2.2% in November 2018

In November 2018, 1.3 million guests corresponding to 3.3 million overnight stays, sojourned in hotels and similar establishments. It translates to a year-on-year change of +6.3% or +4.6% concerning overnight stays. Non-Residents overnight stays up 2.2% in November 2018 As […]

Average House Valuation up 6.2%

The average house valuation done on behalf of banks in Portugal reached €1,215 per square meter in November 2018, €3 more than in the previous month. This represents a 0.2% increase compared to October 2018. Year-on-year, average house valuation up […]

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